Real Italian Water Ice: A Winner for Kuwait & the Region

November 14, 2013 10:18 pm Published by 4 Comments

IMG_1614Rita’s Water Ice is one of my favorite American franchises. It’s headquartered in Philadelphia, the greatest city in the world, and it’s perfect for Kuwait and the Middle East. Rita’s serves authentic Italian water ice — cool and refreshing, a favorite treat for children and adults — it can be low-cal, too, but we usually don’t want it that way! I don’t know why it’s not already in Kuwait, given that this is a “hot” franchise market, but I was pleased to see Rita’s marketing itself and looking for prospects who want to buy franchises at the Abu Dhabi Franchise Conference. Can’t be long until we can enjoy Rita’s locally!

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This post was written by Dr. John Hayes


  • Alex says:

    There used to be a Rita’s near me and I loved their ices. Their gelatos were especially good. It closed down and I have had any since. It seems like an especially good franchise because (at least at the one I remember), you would order through a window and just eat outside. That way the initial investment would be much lower!

    Would love to see one pop up again!

  • Diana Ferreira says:

    I live in western Canada, and unfortunately there is no Rita’s water ice in the city I live in (at least not that I know of!) which is a shame, since I love gelatos (I went to Italy in 2008 and I had to opportunity to taste autentic italian gelati, in Rome. Yummy!) and after reading your post I really wanted to taste Rita’s gelatos to compare with the one I had in Rome years ago. As a connoisseur of the products from this brand I ask: is there much of a difference between Rita’s water ice gelatos and the gelati made and sold in Italy?

  • johnhayes says:

    Good question, Diana. I love Rita’s, so I’m biased. In addition to that, I’m half Italian and I LOVE everything Italian, including gelato, but especially Italian food. However, I was in Rome just a few months ago and wasn’t happy with most of the Italian food I ate. Odd as it seems, it wasn’t as good as the Italian food I know at home — my grandmother left Rome a century ago for new opportunities in the USA and I grew up on her Italian food. My point? I don’t think you can compare food products from the USA or Canada with food products in Rome. And besides that, Rita’s is water ice — that’s not the same as gelato. However, Rita’s has a product that includes gelato dropped into a cup of water ice — and it’s fantastic!

  • Amy Peterson says:

    Sounds wonderful. I’ll have to try them sometime. I’ve heard good things, but haven’t had the pleasure of tasting one yet. Maybe SOON with their plans for expansion?

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