The Wisdom Of A Franchise Resale. When You Don’t Want To Build One From Scratch!


Here’s a couple that knew exactly what they were doing when they bought a sign-making franchise and opened it in a small town. “People don’t seem to set up their businesses to re-sell them,” explains Sonja Heaton, “but that was our purpose for going into business, and for buying a franchise.” The Heatons eventually turned their $150,000 investment into a $2-million sale! Want to know how they did it? Want to know how you can do it, too? Here’s their incredible story. Continue Reading


After The Franchise Expo. What Now?


Each year tens of thousands of people attend franchise expos in the USA alone and afterwards, instead of buying a franchise, most of them end up with “post show fatigue”! As a result, most folks who attend franchise conferences miss out on making a decision that could change their lives for the better. Here are Five Steps to help you avoid post show fatigue and make the most of your visit to the franchise expo. Continue Reading


8 Reasons To Consider A Lease For Your Franchise


Cash on hand is a huge advantage when you’re buying and starting a franchise business and that’s one of eight reasons why it’s smart to consider leasing when you invest in a franchise that includes equipment. The other seven advantages, including tax benefits, are detailed in this article. Leasing companies tend to prefer franchising and are eager to be of service to new and existing franchisees.
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Prospective Franchisee: Do You Have This Skill?

How To Franchise Your Business | Best Franchise

You’ve got it all, or do you? You’ve got the money, the time, the passion, the interest to buy a franchise, but do you have the “must have” skill to succeed as a franchisee? Many people, maybe most people, don’t! It’s a big reason for failure in franchising. Without this skill you don’t have much chance for success in franchising. In fact, without this skill you shouldn’t invest in a franchise at all. Know what it is? Continue Reading


What To Do Before Buying A Franchise


Where to begin? That’s the problem for so many people when they think about starting a business, or buying a franchise. The crazy thing is that it almost doesn’t matter where you begin, as long as you do! And I… Continue Reading