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WingNutz: Chicken wings, hamburgers and quesadillas done the healthy way

How To Buy A Franchise Show, Podcast, WingNutzWill Miller, CEO of WingNutz, is this week’s guest on the How To Buy A Franchise Show. WingNutz is an emerging franchise establishing itself as the healthy option in the crowded quick-service chicken-wing restaurant arena.

You won’t find deep fryers and grills in any of the WingNutz locations, but you will find classics like chicken wings, burgers and quesadillas on the menu, all of which are baked in the oven. WingNutz also makes 18 homemade wing sauces and six of their own beers. The centerpiece of each location is an elaborate granite bar where guests will be greeted by name and invited to pick a seat. On average, each location requires 12 employees to operate seven days a week.

WingNutz has been franchising for five years and currently has 15 locations, 10 of which are franchises. Nine of these locations are in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, where the company was founded and is headquartered; the other locations are in neighboring states.

With a total investment between $250-300,000, WingNutz is affordable relative to other restaurant franchises available for sale. Miller estimates the average return on investment will take three years and can certainly be reached in less time. Training consists of an entire month in Salt Lake City working at a corporate location followed by five weeks at the franchisee’s location. With over two months of training, quarterly meetings and monthly conference calls with the entire network, support from the franchisor isn’t an issue.

WingNutz is looking to expand into new territories and you might want to open the first WingNutz in your area. For more information or to get in touch with WingNutz, please email us here.

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How To Buy A Franchise Show, Dr. John P. Hayes, WingNutz

How To Buy A Franchise Show, Dr. John P. Hayes, WingNutz

How To Buy A Franchise Show, Dr. John P. Hayes, WingNutz

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