American Robotics Academy teaches young children robotics technology

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How To Buy A Franchise Show, Podcast, WingNutz

Dan Taglia, president of American Robotics Academy, is this week’s guest on the How To Buy A Franchise Show. American Robotics Academy is a franchise opportunity to teach robotics technology to children of all ages. While summer camps and birthday parties are profitable, the majority of business comes from after-school programs organized directly with school districts. The founding franchise location in Houston, TX is networked with 45 schools where they provide on-site robotics workshops to a variety of age groups.

The franchise curriculum is based on the STEM educational model, and emphasizes basic engineering principles. In addition to working with robotics, franchisees also teach filming using GoPro cameras and introduce drones. For his own franchise, Taglia prefers to hire college students as instructors, and to do so he hosts hiring events at local colleges and universities. The most important quality of any instructor, he says, is the passion to teach and encourage children to learn emerging technologies.

Because a retail location is not required for this franchise, the all-in cost to open a unit is between $50-60,000. The franchise is SBA approved for lending, and there are currently four franchises operating across Texas.

American Robotics Academy hopes to sell franchises nationwide. Little to no technical experience is necessary for prospective franchisees. If this sounds like an opportunity you would like to learn more about, please contact us.

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How To Buy A Franchise Show, Dr. John P. Hayes, WingNutz

How To Buy A Franchise Show, Dr. John P. Hayes, WingNutz

How To Buy A Franchise Show, Dr. John P. Hayes, WingNutz

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