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Sunday , January 25, 2015

What To Do Before Buying A Franchise

Where to begin? That’s the problem for so many people when they think about starting a business, or buying a franchise. The crazy thing is that it almost doesn’t matter where you begin, as long as you do! And I don’t mean “as long as you do” as a way of saying it’s a mistake […][...]

Monday , January 19, 2015

Is a Franchise an Investment or a Job?

In response to this article: Is a Subway Franchise a Good Investment?, a reader on Linkedin asked if buying a franchise is “truly an investment” or “is it simply buying a job?” My initial reaction was to strike back – I get the job question all the time – and I was about to reply: [&hell[...]

Sunday , January 11, 2015

Is a Subway Franchise a Good Investment?

It’s one of the most popular questions for every experienced franchise author/speaker. Perhaps because it’s the largest franchise in the world (in terms of units, not retail sales), people want to know if a Subway franchise is a good investment. And because many of my readers and seminar attend[...]

Sunday , January 4, 2015

Should You Pay Me If I Talk You Out Of Buying A Franchise?

I love the review at Amazon.com where “IronFox” says I may have talked him out of buying a franchise because I didn’t include “a bit of sizzle” in Buy Hot Franchises Without Getting Burned. In all of my franchising seminars I always say this: “I may talk you out o[...]

Thursday , November 27, 2014

4+ Questions To Help You Buy A Franchise With Confidence

Some prospective franchisees admit they do not know what to ask existing franchisees, and others say they know what they’d like to ask, but they don’t know how. Don’t let either scenario stop you from thoroughly investigating a franchise opportunity. Here are 4+ questions to ask, worded in a w[...]