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Discover your personality style

This is the first of a series of six articles about personality profiling using DISC. Does personality make a difference in business? Absolutely! Personality matters as much in business as it does in life. How

Become a part of the #1 retailer worldwide: 7-Eleven

7-Eleven has such as established presence in the United States -- over 7,000 locations -- that you might assume the market is saturated and there aren’t any available franchise locations to acquire. But that assumption

401k Rollover: How to use it to buy a franchise

Dallas Kerley, president and COO of Benetrends Financial, is our guest this week on the How to Buy a Franchise Show. Benetrends has been a leader in the financial sector of the franchise market since

Groundbreaking franchise opportunity: $15,000!

The Seniors’ Answer, based in Miami, FL, is offering to sell its first franchise for only $15,000, a discount of $5,000. In addition, royalty fees are held flat for the first two years starting at

Emerging Franchise: No advertising necessary!

Colleen Pyle describes herself as a construction brat and learned “how to do things” and “fix things” herself. Coincidentally she married a guy who had the same skills. Before they knew it, they were overseeing

Izsam: One franchise; Five income streams

This week on the How to Buy a Franchise Show our guest is Dan Bennett, founder of Izsam, a construction cleanup franchise opportunity. Izsam franchisees enjoy five income streams: They provide temporary workers during construction.

American Robotics Academy teaches young children robotics technology

Dan Taglia, president of American Robotics Academy, is this week’s guest on the How To Buy A Franchise Show. American Robotics Academy is a franchise opportunity to teach robotics technology to children of all ages.

Seeking a health-oriented franchise opportunity?

Charles Levinson, president and CEO of SMART Drinks & Nutrition, is this week’s guest on the How To Buy A Franchise Show. SMART Drinks & Nutrition is a retail franchise opportunity offering fresh fruit smoothies,

WingNutz: Chicken wings, hamburgers and quesadillas done the healthy way

Will Miller, CEO of WingNutz, is this week’s guest on the How To Buy A Franchise Show. WingNutz is an emerging franchise establishing itself as the healthy option in the crowded quick-service chicken-wing restaurant arena.

CMIT Solutions: “If it beeps or blinks, we handle it!”

Listen to us on: Jeff Connally, president and CEO of CMIT Solutions, a franchise that provides IT services to small and mid-sized businesses, is this week’s guest on the How To Buy A Franchise Show.