Franchise Advisors Won’t Tell You To Buy A Franchise, But . . .

Two key professional advisors play an important role in helping you decide whether or not to buy a franchise, and I urge you to spend time with them as you consider the variety of franchise opportunities available to you. It doesn’t matter if you’re considering famous brands, such as McDonald’s and 7-Eleven, or competing brands, […]

Franchise advisors won't tell you to buy a franchise, but there's plenty they will tell you!

4 Most Important Questions To Ask Franchisees Before You Buy A Franchise

When buying a franchise, one of the best ways to research the opportunity is to question existing franchisees. But many people tell me they don’t know what to ask, or they know what they want to ask, but they don’t know how. This article solves those problems. Here are the four most important questions to […]

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Understand That Franchising Is Not For Everyone; It May Not Be For You!

Franchising works for everyone! Even though it’s wrong, it’s easy to get the idea that franchising works for everyone because the media say so. Newspapers, magazines, television news shows, websites, and other forms of media love a good franchise success story, and so do viewers, readers and visitors. Know the Facts What’s not to like? […]


What should you expect from a franchise company? Consider my 10 points.

There are many reasons why people buy franchises, and of the dozens of franchises that open for business every day worldwide, there are many reasons why some of those new franchises do not live up to their owners’ expectations. If you’d like to protect yourself from becoming a disappointed (possibly even a disgruntled) franchisee, it’s […]


Question: “How would the franchisor know if I pay a smaller royalty than I should based on my sales?”

Franchisors would like to believe that franchisees are honest, and therefore all franchisees will pay the real royalty amount as opposed to an amount that suits the franchisees. . . . What’s that I hear? Laughter! So let me tell you how franchisors protect themselves. There are many checks and balances that franchisors can develop […]