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Thursday , November 27, 2014

4+ Questions To Help You Buy A Franchise With Confidence

Some prospective franchisees admit they do not know what to ask existing franchisees, and others say they know what they’d like to ask, but they don’t know how. Don’t let either scenario stop you from thoroughly investigating a franchise opportunity. Here are 4+ questions to ask, worded in a w[...]

Saturday , November 1, 2014

Franchise & Business Owners: Don’t Worry About Passion

“Your passion for your business is most critical because it will drive your eventual success.” So said an “expert”. Who comes up with this stuff? It reminds me of the “expert” who said that most businesses fail for lack of cash flow. Huh? Most businesses fail because the business operat[...]

Thursday , October 23, 2014

Your Mistakes Will Cost More Than You Think

When you start your own independent (non-franchised) business, your mistakes will be more costly than you imagined. In fact, your mistakes will probably put you out of business. I’m not writing this to scare you away from starting a business without a franchisor; I’m writing it because it’s fa[...]

Thursday , October 2, 2014

Are You Talking To The “Best” Or The “Worst” Franchisees?

Be careful about who you talk to when you interview franchisees. “After talking to your franchisees, I’ve decided this isn’t the right business for me.” As a former franchisor, I occasionally heard that statement from prospective franchisees, and I always asked, “Who did you talk to?” So[...]

Wednesday , October 1, 2014

Buy a franchise first, profile later, may mean a miserable franchise opportunity

Franchising is not for everyone, and unfortunately many franchisees don’t know that until they sign the franchise agreement, pay their money, and find themselves struggling for survival. Whether the struggle is their fault or the franchisor’s fault is a moot point. The fact is, they were the wro[...]