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Thursday , May 7, 2015

After The Franchise Expo. What Now?

So after attending the franchise expo, what do you have? A lot of questions, in spite of a bag full of literature that you carried home. You can’t possibly process all the information that you heard from franchisors, seminar leaders, attorneys, and moneylenders, but you know there’s something in[...]

Wednesday , March 25, 2015

Do You Want To Sell The Best Or Do You Want To Make Money?

Many years ago, a favorite cousin decided to open a pizza shop. Everyone told her that she made the best pizza in the world – and she did! Even though a pizza shop is a great business idea, I just wish I could have convinced her that the public doesn’t want to buy “the best […][...]

Wednesday , March 25, 2015

Still A Five Star Amazon Best Seller: 12 Amazing Franchise Opportunities


Saturday , February 14, 2015

8 Reasons To Consider A Lease For Your Franchise

When you’re buying a franchise you probably need money – most buyers do – and numerous lenders are lining up, especially at franchise expos, to be of service. One option that buyers often overlook is leasing, and it’s worth your time to check out the possibilities. If you’re investing in a[...]

Sunday , February 1, 2015

Prospective Franchisee: Do You Have This Skill?

Recently I wrote about What To Do Before Buying A Franchise and I suggested a couple of questions that you could ask yourself before deciding if franchising, as well as business ownership, made sense for you. I pointed out that it takes skills to operate a business or a franchise and I also said tha[...]