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Friday , September 26, 2014

Does A “Mutually Beneficial Relationship” Appeal To You When Buying A Franchise?

How do you feel about a franchisor that promises you a “mutually beneficial relationship”? Does it make you feel (choose only one): Warm, Fuzzy & Can’t Wait To Invest Ambivalent: What’s the franchisor really promising? Turned Off Because It’s Not Good Enough If you [...]

Monday , September 22, 2014

Ask This: How Good Are The Franchisor’s Training Skills?

Training isn’t the only thing a franchisor does, but it is one of the most important things! A franchisor that fails to transfer knowledge to franchisees is a franchisor to avoid. Unfortunately, there are more of these franchisors than the public knows. Rarely will you discover a franchisor that d[...]

Thursday , August 28, 2014

Use The Franchise Registry To Find A Franchise Opportunity

If you haven’t heard about The Franchise Registry it’s important that you do, especially if you’re thinking about applying for an SBA-approved loan to acquire a franchise opportunity. Approximately 1,000 franchise brands (which is maybe a third of the franchise companies in North America) appe[...]

Monday , July 28, 2014

8 Ways Franchise Brokers Can Help You Buy A Franchise

Buying a franchise may be your most expensive investment ever, after buying a house. And like buying a house, you’ve got to spend a lot of time looking, comparing, evaluating and thinking about which franchise to buy, and most of us aren’t comfortable doing all that work on our own. When it come[...]

Thursday , July 24, 2014

Franchise Advisors Won’t Tell You To Buy A Franchise, But . . .

Two key professional advisors play an important role in helping you decide whether or not to buy a franchise, and I urge you to spend time with them as you consider the variety of franchise opportunities available to you. It doesn’t matter if you’re considering famous brands, such as McDonald’[...]