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How To Buy A Franchise Show, Podcast, 7-Eleven7-Eleven has such as established presence in the United States — over 7,000 locations — that you might assume the market is saturated and there aren’t any available franchise locations to acquire. But that assumption would be incorrect. Alvino Rosales, franchise sales rep for 7-Eleven in the San Antonio, TX market, is our guest this week on the How to Buy a Franchise Show, and in his market alone there are 10 new stores slated to open in 2017.

In the pizza business

7-Eleven has more retail locations globally than McDonald’s, Subway, and Starbucks and it is also amongst the top five retailers of whole pizzas! 7-Eleven sells a pizza for $5.55 than can be cooked in four minutes, and the pizza now competes with the major pizza chains. Depending on the location, 7-Eleven stores can be gas stations as well as urban locations, which are convenience stores only.

Turn-key investment

Becoming a 7-Eleven franchisee is a unique process and it is well documented. The average franchise investment in the United States is $190,000 and that provides a ten-year contract to be an owner/operator. 7-Eleven Corporate owns the land and building and doesn’t charge rent to franchisees. 7-Eleven provides a turn-key investment with all machinery and equipment. An additional $29,000 working capital is required for the initial cost of inventory. 7-Eleven provides in-house financing for franchisees.

Can you lead a team?

The hardest part of running a 7-Eleven is managing and leading people. It is a 24/7/365 business and when a store is always open, inevitably issues will arise overnight and the owner is responsible for taking action regardless of the time. Managing and leading employees is key to owning a franchise. Rosales explains, “Leadership and people skills are essential; retail can be taught.”

Retailing can be taught

And when 7-Eleven says retail can be taught, they mean it. Corporate intelligence is so extensive that 7-Eleven knows which products will sell in each store, how fast it will sell, and where the item should be displayed in the store. There is not one single item in a 7-Eleven that gets there by mistake; 7-Eleven has retailing down to an exact science.
For more information about opening a 7-Eleven franchise, either in the San Antonio market or globally, reach out to us here and will put you in touch with a 7-Eleven representative.

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How To Buy A Franchise Show, Dr. John P. Hayes, WingNutz

How To Buy A Franchise Show, Dr. John P. Hayes, WingNutz

How To Buy A Franchise Show, Dr. John P. Hayes, WingNutz

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