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This is the first of a series of six articles about personality profiling using DISC.

Does personality make a difference in business?


Personality matters as much in business as it does in life. How you get along with other people (boss, spouse, neighbors, etc.), and how you respond to circumstances and events, has much to do with your personality, how you use it, and how others perceive it.

Planning to buy your own franchise? First, you better check your compatibility with franchising, and then with the specific franchise brand you plan to own. They’re not all created the same!

In my nearly 40-year career working in the business world internationally, I’m convinced that anyone can use personality as a plus or a minus. The better you understand your personality, the more effective you are likely to be as a friend, student, neighbor, employee, or business owner.

You also can be more effective if you understand the other person’s personality. American motivation guru, the late Zig Ziglar, said, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” It’s the Golden Rule of Life. It’s much easier to help people get what they want if you understand their personality and speak their language.

But first, you’ve got to identify your own personality. You can find a variety of personality tests or profiles online. Myers Briggs, Kiersey, and DISC are among the best known. I like DISC because it’s quick to administer and fairly easy to understand. In a matter of 15 minutes you can classify your own personality behavior as it pertains to four dimensions: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance.

Want to identify your own personality? I’ve posted the DISC personality profile at this online address: Visit the site when you have some quiet time and complete the form, which includes instructions. It’s easy!

After completing the form submit it for your free analysis. Again, just follow the instructions. You’ll then receive an analysis to help help you understand more about the four DISC dimensions.
So what are you? D, I, S or C? You’ll know after you submit your DISC profile. But here’s some advance information about each dimsension.

The D personality likes to be in control. They’re quick on their feet, sometimes pushy, and have little time for small talk.

The I personality likes people. They’re terrific communicators, they love to talk and share information. Already you can see that a D and I might clash!

The S personality is loyal and patient and wants to avoid risks and conflicts. They’re a bit possessive, too! Keep them away from the Ds!

The C personality is the thinker. They’re analytical people. Some (especially Ds and Is) think of them as rigid. But they maintain very high standards.

Every personality is a combination of the DISC dimensions, but one or two dimensions will dominate. You can’t help but use those dimensions in every situation – they’re your invisible DNA. You can succeed regardless of your personality, but if your personality matches the situation, success occurs with much less struggle and stress.

By the way, if your business (or department) isn’t as effective as you’d like, it’s probably because of personality clashes among your employees. Every business leader will benefit by learning about personality profiling and helping their employees understand the phenomenon, too.

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