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Wednesday , July 22, 2009

Young Couple Buys Franchise And Explains How They Utilized This Blog During The Process

“What do you know about PuroClean?” The question came from a concerned father who was looking out for his daughter and son-in-law. First-time buyers The young couple was planning to buy a franchise — and they had not owned one before. They had downloaded my report: 92+ Questions T[...]

Monday , July 13, 2009

Just Because The Franchise Marketing System Drives Customers To Your Door Doesn’t Mean You Should Buy That Franchise

If you own a business, you know there are “right” customers and “wrong” customers and while you may not (yet) know how to tell them apart before they become your customer, you know that the “wrong” customers deliver the least value and create the majority of probl[...]

Saturday , July 11, 2009

“You Mean I’ve Got To Pay A Percentage Of My Sales To The Franchisor . . . Forever? . . . Why? And How Does That Make Sense?”

You guessed it. Isabel is back! (Scroll to the bottom of this article for links to previous Isabel articles and follow her journey as she hopes to buy a franchise). And she’s got questions about the franchisor’s royalty fee. Shouting about the royalty fee Without doubt, it’s one of[...]

Tuesday , July 7, 2009

“You Can’t Fix A Loser” . . . Look Out: They’re In Every Franchise Network And They Seek More Miserable Company!

When I read the words this morning during a coffee break, I laughed. “You can’t fix a loser!” said Dan Kennedy, one of my long-time marketing mentors. He doesn’t mince words, which is one of those love/hate things about him. Kennedy makes it clear that he’s not interest[...]