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Do you have the “right stuff” to buy a franchise?

July 13, 2016 6:00 am Published by 1 Comment

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How To Buy A Franchise Show, Podcast, Positive ChangesCraig Slavin has devoted a career to developing the Franchise Navigator and using it as a resource to help people determine if they should buy a franchise, and if so, which franchise to buy. 

Avoid buying the wrong franchise

Everyone is “wired” differently, explains Slavin, and each person has a different value system. That system becomes your personal operations manual and you use it instinctively to make decisions in nanoseconds. If you understand why you do what you do, you can predict behavioral outcomes. This information could be extremely important when you decide to buy a franchise. And it may save you from buying the wrong franchise!

The Franchise Navigator is a tool that simplifies the franchise evaluation and buying process. After it creates your franchise profile, it also identifies the kinds of businesses you are best suited to own and operate successfully.

Use this matchmaking system

Totally automated on the Internet, the Franchise Navigator, and its companion ConnectMe program, matches you to the right businesses providing you have the “right stuff” to own and operate a franchise.

In the franchise sales process, many franchisors are most interested in selling a franchise to expand their franchise network. That approach may not be in your best interests as a prospective franchisee, so it’s incumbent upon you to determine if you have the “right stuff” to succeed in a specific franchisor’s system.

Creating an ideal franchisee profile

Some franchisors ask Franchise Navigator to assess their franchisees and develop profiles of their top performing as well as low performing franchisees. These franchisors can then use the Franchise Navigator’s results to characterize an ideal profile for franchisees and to select future franchisees based on that profile.

When you buy a franchise, you want to be confident that you’ll have every opportunity to succeed in that business. Success isn’t merely breaking even, or getting by from year to year. Success means that your business is personally and financially satisfying. Anything less, and you bought the wrong franchise, or you simply don’t have the “right stuff” for franchising. Discover your franchise profile in advance of making any decision to buy a franchise.


Most people pay a fee to use Franchise Navigator. You can use it free! At the end of the interview with Craig Slavin, Dr. John P. Hayes provides a link that you can use without any obligation.

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