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“Shark Tank” star, Kevin O’Leary, offers tips for entrepreneurs

In a recent USA Today supplement, “Shark Tank” star Kevin O’Leary offered five tips for aspiring entrepreneurs. He could just as easily have been talking about franchisees. Here are his points. I’ve taken the liberty of adding information of relevance to franchisees. #1 Keep it simple Successful franchises are almost always simple businesses. If a

How does Brexit impact franchising in the Eurozone?

This is a collaborative post.  All eyes are on the UK after it voted 51.9% in favor of leaving the European Union last year. It was quite a shocking turnaround, which would have a substantial impact not only on the UK economy but also U.S. firms that do business with UK-based and Eurozone-based businesses. While

Rest in peace Little Caesar: Mike Ilitch

Mike Ilitch showed us all how a little bit of money and an idea – in spite of education and social standing -- could be turned into a multi-million dollar international franchise business. Ilitch died last week in his hometown of Detroit. He was 87 and the founder of Little Caesars Pizza. I met Ilitch